Telecom Testing Services

Polaris Networks with its proven expertise in test tool development offers comprehensive QA and Testing services to help telecom equipment manufacturers and system integrators meet performance and interoperability goals. These services cover the following domains:

  • Testing the low-level Hardware Platform Management of AdvancedTCA, MicroTCA and AMC hardware
  • Testing the implementation of HPI on AdvancedTCA hardware
  • Testing WiMAX and LTE user equipment, base stations and signaling gateways

In providing its Telecom Testing Services, Polaris makes full use of the wide array of automated test tools that it has developed for telecom equipment. The Polaris ATCA Tester , MicroTCA Tester, AMC Tester and HPI Tester conform fully to PICMG and SA Forum specifications and are widely used by telecom equipment manufacturers, board-level product manufacturers and system integrators today. Polaris is developing Protocol Conformance Testers and Stress Tester for LTE Base Stations and MME nodes. These LTE test tools will be available in the second quarter of 2009.

Polaris offers its telecom testing services in a number of different formats to meet the unique needs of its customers.

Standardized Manageability Testing

The Standardized Testing Service covers Compliance Testing of AdvancedTCA, MicroTCA and AMC hardware and HPI software using the Polaris test tools developed for this purpose. Customers ship the device that needs to be tested (e.g., an AdvancedTCA chassis with a Shelf Manager, a MicroTCA Carrier Hub, an AMC module or HPI Client and Server software) to the Polaris test laboratory in Kolkata, India. Polaris provides the test bed equipment for conducting the tests, such as a MicroTCA chassis for testing an AMC module. A Polaris Test Engineer runs the entire suite of test cases with the Device Under Test and provides a detailed Test Report and an analysis of the Test Results. The Standardized Testing Service of this nature usually extends over a period of one week to one month to facilitate multiple cycles of testing with upgraded hardware or firmware provided by the customer.

Remote Testing Services

This is an alternative option under which customers do not have to ship the device to be tested to the Polaris test laboratory. Customers can use the Polaris test tools for Compliance Testing of AdvancedTCA, MicroTCA and AMC hardware and HPI software by connecting remotely to the Polaris Test Server over the Internet. They can run the full suite of test cases with the Device Under Test in their own test laboratory. The Remote Testing Service allows customers to run the test cases at a time convenient to them and at their own pace and obtain Test Results quickly. This service also includes an analysis of test results by a Polaris Test Engineer and telephone and email support. A typical test run including test-bed setup and analysis of test results takes five working days.

Customized Testing Services

Polaris offers highly-specialized testing services to manufacturers and service providers who are interested in outsourcing testing and QA functions during telecom product development and deployment. This includes Product and System Verification Testing, Regression Testing, CP-TA and SA Forum Compliance and Pre-Certification Testing and Pre-deployment interoperability testing. Polaris test engineers work closely with the customer to understand the test requirements and prepare a complete test plan that describes test objectives and methodology, test bed and test scenarios. In some cases, the Test Plan is executed manually and in other cases, the test scenarios are automated using TCL, Python or TTCN scripting.

Polaris provides these Testing services from its test laboratory in Kolkata. Alternatively, our team of test engineers can work on-site in the customer test laboratory. We execute the project on a fixed-price or on a time-and-materials basis.