S-GW Functional Tester

The LTE SGW Functional Tester provides a wrap-around test solution for the Serving Gateway by emulating all the LTE network elements surrounding the SGW (System Under Test). The S-GW Functional Tester emulates an LTE eNodeB and other Core Network entities such as the MME, P-GW, S-GW, RNC and SGSN. It tests the S1-u, S11, S5/S8 , S12 and S4 interfaces of the S-GW.

The S-GW Functional Tester tests the correctness of an implementation of LTE Serving Gateway in accordance with 3GPP TS 29.274, TS 29.281, TS 23.401 and other relevant Release 8, Release 9 and Release 10 standards.

Polaris Networks has defined the functional test cases for S-GW testing.

  • SGW ‘wrap-around’ conformance test tool
  • Large number of automated, pre-scripted tests
  • Includes Negative and tests for Abnormal scenarios
  • Allows users to change content & order of PDU
  • Source code of test scripts available to the user