Professional Services

Polaris Networks has a large team of highly experienced and skilled engineers and provides professional services in the following areas.

Telecom Testing Services

  • Telecom Testing Services

Polaris Networks with its proven expertise in test tool development offers comprehensive QA and Testing services to help telecom equipment manufacturers and system integrators meet performance and interoperability goals. These services cover the following domains:

  • Testing the low-level Hardware Platform Management of AdvancedTCA, MicroTCA and AMC hardware
  • Testing the implementation of HPI on AdvancedTCA hardware
  • Testing WiMAX and LTE user equipment, base stations and signaling gateways
  • Software Development Services

One key benefit of outsourcing software development to Polaris Networks is the extensive amount of support that Polaris provides once the development work is complete. Our standard terms include one year of telephone and email support by the same engineers who executed the development work. Outsourcing certain portions of your software development to us allows you to use your in-house R&D resources more effectively without getting bogged down with support work.

Polaris provides software development services for:

  • Network Protocol Stacks
  • Embedded Software Development
  • Device Driver Development
  • Network Application Software