P-GW Functional Tester

The LTE PGW Functional Tester provides a wrap-around test solution for the Packet Date Network Gateway by emulating all the LTE network elements surrounding the PDN-GW (System Under Test). The P-GW Functional Tester emulates LTE Core Network entities such as the S-GW, PCRF, OCS and OFCS. It tests the S5/S8, S7/Gx, Gy and Gz interfaces of the P-GW.

The PGW Functional Tester tests the correctness of an implementation of LTE Packet Data Network Gateway in accordance with 3GPP TS 29.274, TS 29.212, TS 23.401 and other relevant Release 8, Release 9 and Release 10 standards.

Polaris Networks has defined the functional test cases for P-GW testing.

  • PGW ‘wrap-around’ conformance test tool
  • Large number of automated, pre-scripted tests
  • Includes Negative and tests for Abnormal scenarios
  • Allows users to change content & order of PDU
  • Source code of test scripts available to the user
  • Create new tests using ‘drag and drop’