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Cellular IoT to network IoT devices by billions by 2020, predicts Mr. Vinay Gupta, CTO, Polaris Networks  

San Jose, California, May 15, 2017–

Mr. Vinay Gupta, Co-Founder and CTO of Polaris Networks, spoke on Innovations in cellular core network for IoT and Machine Type Communications at the IEEE 5G Summit at Senses Hotel, Sector V, Salt Lake, Kolkata.

Highlighting the 5G Cellular Network in its role as the backbone for Cellular Internet of Things, Mr. Gupta said lower device cost, extended battery life, enhanced network coverage, and improved support for a massive number of connections and a greater diversity of applications are the key needs for IoT. Pointing to the essentials of 3GPP Release 13 and later standards for the core network, he stressed upon the importance of the key control-plane and user-plane optimizations of the core network to efficiently handle machine-type communication. He summed up his speech with Polaris Networks’ vision that 5G technology can provide the infrastructure for a network of billions of IoT devices that are expected to be in use by 2020.

With "Digital India" as its theme, the IEEE 5G summit emphasized the challenges and opportunities at play within 5G technology field in India. Believed to revolutionize future wireless networks, the Summit not only seeks to promote 5G technology, but also aims to connect the isolated and drive innovation through next-generation wireless network technology, which is expected to significantly enhance data speeds resulting in ultra-low latency times, while pulling in a wider number of devices into the connected world, at the same time, improving their energy efficiency.

Polaris Networks, along with several other technology majors co-sponsored the IEEE 5G Summit, with many speakers among them taking center-stage to elaborate on the topic. Mr. Ashutosh Dutta, CoChairperson, IEEE 5G Initiative and Director of Technology Security at AT&T, spoke about how the Summit provided an excellent platform for experts from industry, academia and government bodies to collaborate and exchange ideas in this emerging technology that will help drive the standards and rapid deployment. "Kolkata 5G summit truly brought the global initiative around 5G to the local markets and tapped the knowledge of local 5G experts. The event was attended by more than 200 people and was streamed live around the world", he went on to add. Similar summits on 5G have been conducted by IEEE previously at various locations across the world.

About Polaris Networks:

Polaris Networks is a global solution provider in the field of LTE Technology, offering a wide range of software for use as test tools in the lab and Packet Core deployment in private and public LTE networks. LTE solutions from Polaris Networks are actively used by Network Equipment Manufacturers, Telecom Service Providers, and Test Labs across several countries. The company is headquartered in San Jose, CA, USA and has two R&D centres in Kolkata, India. To learn more about Polaris Networks, visit

Polaris Networks Contact:

Bidisha Tunga
Marketing Communications and Public Relations