MicroTCA Tester

An automated software tool for testing the hardware management software in MicroTCA based building-blocks or systems.

The MicroTCA Tester is an automated test suite for testing the hardware-management software implementation in MicroTCA - based building blocks or systems. It is designed for telecom equipment manufacturers, board-level product manufacturers and system integrators who wish to reduce the time and resources spent on MicroTCA testing, during the development and regression-testing of building blocks or during system integration. The tester also helps meet interoperability and certification requirements of their systems for compliance with the MicroTCA certification suite.

MicroTCA Tester Architecture


By checking the compatibility of building-blocks (MCH, chassis FRUs, boards, mezzanine, OEMs) with respect to MicroTCA® system management requirements, and by testing all building blocks in an integrated system, independently or simultaneously, MicroTCA Tester enables you to:

  • Increase interoperability of building-blocks
  • Decrease development & integration time

Future Versions

Future releases of the software will include:

  • Negative and Optional test cases
  • MicroTCA Explorer integrated with Test Setup
  • Standalone MicroTCA Explorer
  • Test Batch Creation

Features in Release v1.3.0

  • Windows-based GUI for easy operation
  • More than 140 Test scenarios based on
    • MicroTCAT Interoperability Workshops scenarios
    • MicroTCA.0 R1.0
    • AMC.0 R2.0
    • IPMI 1.5
  • Test Categories
    • Carrier Manager
    • EMMC Tests
    • MCMC Tests
    • Shelf Tests
  • Useful for testing different types of management controllers
  • Error level mapped to the specification requirements
  • Each test case maps to one PICMG specification requirement
  • Stop or Continue on Error/Warning/Info
  • Ability to search for text in Test Results Window
  • Ability to filter test results based on Text, Test Verdict, Test Start Time, Test End Time
  • Fully Editable Test scripts
  • Test scripts available in source code form
  • New tests may be developed by user
  • Complete RMCP and IPMI Decode of packets sent or received during the test run
  • Interactive (Operator-driven) and Automatic tests
  • Test reports in HTML format with target Device information
  • Test environment may be saved for post-test analysis
  • Tests may be repeated for a desired number of iterations
  • Tests may be scheduled for future execution
  • Windows® XP and Windows® VistaT (both 32-bit and 64-bit)compatible