Other eNodeB Test Tools

MBMS-GW Emulator

Interest in LTE Multicast/Broadcasting technology is now growing rapidly as this technology facilitates synchronous distribution of live content to all mobile subscribers within a defined area of a mobile network. LTE Broadcast can be used for distributing content such as live events and media to a wide audience, as well as for background file and software delivery and group information distribution.

Along with the standard EPC Emulators (the MME, SGW, PGW, HSS, and PCRF Emulators), Polaris Networks has also developed an MBMS-GW Emulator and an MCE Emulator which will allow users to test MBMS implementation. The Polaris Networks suite of LTE Network Equipment Emulators provides a complete testbed for testing the MBMS implementation in the eNodeB and MCE.

The MBMS-GW Emulator includes a BM-SC Simulator. The MBMS-GW Emulator with the BM-SC Simulator allows one to define MBMS services and generate MBMS sessions for video streaming using RTP and file downloads using FLUTE.