Buddhadeb (Bud) Biswas (Co-Founder, President and CEO)

Bud has an impressive track record of starting networking companies and turning them into profitable businesses, and has over twenty years of industry experience in the field of high speed networking, in both technical and managerial positions. He founded Digital Technology, which was acquired by Agilent Technologies in the year 2000. He was also one of the founding partners of Network Software, a networking consulting company, and CCS, one of the first portable PC companies of the early 80's. Bud has an MS in Electrical Engineering and an MS in Computer Science from Ann Arbor, Michigan.

If you need to contact Bud, please send an email to   management@polarisnetworks.net

Vinay Gupta (Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer)

Vinay has over seventeen years of industry experience in the areas of computer networking and telecommunication. At Polaris Networks, he has spearheaded the company's efforts to develop networking protocol software, test tools and applications in technologies such as Wireless LAN, WiMAX, RFID and LTE. Before co-founding Polaris, Vinay headed Agilent Technologies' R&D center in Kolkata. He was formerly in charge of Dynamic Digital Technology, where he was instrumental in developing the company to the level at which it was acquired by Agilent Technologies. Under his guidance, the Polaris engineering team has gone from 10 to 70 members. Vinay has a BS in Computer Science from IIT Mumbai, and an MS in Computer Science from UNC Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Aditya Saraf (Vice President, Sales & Marketing)

Aditya Saraf has been involved in several startup ventures in the areas of software development and business process outsourcing over the last decade. He has been instrumental in helping these startups grow into successful medium-sized businesses. Aditya brings with him a wealth of entrepreneurial, operational, strategic, and transactional experience. He has a Bachelor's degree in Finance and an MBA with specializations in Marketing and Finance from the TA Pai Management Institute (TAPMI).

If you need to contact Aditya, please send an email to   management@polarisnetworks.net

Pradip Biswas (Director of Software Engineering)

Pradip has been part of Polaris Networks since its inception, and has over twelve years of industry experience, including three years with Agilent Technologies. Pradip is the Principal Architect of the LTE NetEPC carrier-grade Core Network gateway and the LTE Emulators that are being used by several major NEMs and labs all over the world. He led the WiMAX engineering practice at Polaris, and enabled several manufacturers of WiMAX Base Stations and Subscriber Stations to have their products certified by the WiMAX Forum by using the test tools developed by his team. Pradip has a BS degree in Electronics and Electrical Communication from IIT Kharagpur.

Engineering Team

Polaris takes special pride in recruiting and training its engineers. All of our engineers come from the best schools of India, and hold BS and/or MS degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. We provide them with access to extensive training, both in India and in the US, and encourage our managers and engineers to attend technical conferences across the world to receive a firsthand glimpse of the latest developments in technology.