WLAN Offload Testing

    • ePDG Emulator
    • ANDSF Emulator

WLAN Offload Testing

The rapid adoption of new devices such as smartphones and tablets has led to tremendous growth in mobile data traffic. This has prompted mobile network operators to rely heavily on Wi-Fi Offload strategies to reduce the strain on the cellular networks. For Wi-Fi to deliver the same reliable quality as the traditional cellular technology, it is important that the involved nodes are tested and verified.

Polaris offers a complete Emulator suite to help UE and eNB providers test the implementation of Wi-Fi calling and WLAN Offload. In addition to the MME, SGW, PGW, HSS and PCRF Emulators, the suite includes an ePDG Emulator and an ANDSF Emulator.

The Polaris Networks ANDSF Emulator offers an S14 interface to test the ability of UEs to discover and select different types of access network including Wi-Fi and WiMAX to reduce the traffic load from 3GPP access.

The ePDG Emulator enables testing of IPSec-based Untrusted WLAN Access. Test scenarios include MAPCON (Multi-Access PDN Connectivity - simultaneous access via WLAN and 3GPP Access) as well as Handovers from WLAN to 3GPP Access (E-UTRAN / UTRAN / GERAN) and vice versa.