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Comprehensive Core Network Emulator Solution for LTE eNodeB Testing  

Polaris Networks' EPC Emulator is a Core Network emulator solution widely used by silicon vendors, base station equipment vendors, and mobile network operators to test LTE eNodeB at various stages of its development and deployment. In addition to emulating integral elements of the LTE Packet core, viz., MME, SGW, PGW, HSS, PCRF, the EPC Emulator also emulates the ePDG, ANDSF Server, MBMS Gateway, MCE, and the HeNB Gateway.

The EPC Emulators offer the extended capabilities of a C-SGN to test Cellular IoT (Internet of Things) features in LTE base stations. The test bed for LTE base stations can be completed with UE Simulators or with real LTE devices. To facilitate testing with real LTE devices, Polaris offers a device automation tool to configure and control the LTE devices.