Senior Engineer - Web Security App Development (Ref. ID: SE2)

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Responsibilities Design, develop and debug software using the following skills.
Required Skills and Experience Total working experience: 5+ years
Proficient in either C/C++ OR Java programming
Experience in multi-threading, IPC, Linux System and Application Programming
Strong fundamentals of Networking concepts and protocols, OOP (Object Oriented Programming), Data Structures and Algorithms
Experience with open source tools for development and testing of Java, C/C++ software

Additionally Good to Have [Highly Recommended] – working knowledge of Web Application technologies – HTTP, Apache, LAMP framework, JSP
[Highly Recommended] - Working Knowledge of database technologies (e.g. MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Redis, MongoDB, Cassandra)
[Recommended] Javascript, Python, Shell Scripting
[Optional] Experience in Network and Web Authentication and Security Technologies (e.g. SSL/IPsec, SAML, OpenID Connect, OAuth, LDAP, Active Directory, OTP)
[Optional] Experience in Cluster Computing (e.g. Hadoop, Apache Spark, HIVE, PIG, HortonWorks), Machine Learning Tools and techniques (e.g. SciKit-Learn,
        R, Spark), Data Mining tools and techniques
[Optional] Exposure to browser and other client side technologies, development, and testing
Educational Requirements B.Tech / M.Tech (Computer Science/Information Technology/Electronics & Communication) from a reputed School and University.

Please submit your resume indicating the desired position along with the Reference ID to