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The Polaris Networks Home eNodeB Gateway (HeNB-GW), also referred to as Femtocell Gateway (F-GW), is based on an innovative architecture that provides the control capabilities necessary to manage large clusters of femtocells. The primary function of this gateway is to enable simple, seamless, and highly secure access to subscribers as they roam between trusted mobile networks and untrusted public networks. The HeNB-GW provides an aggregation or concentration functionality for a group of Femtocell Access Points (FAPs). This preserves the hierarchical architecture of the current generation of the Core Network as it does not expose a large number of eNodeB base stations to the Core Network elements.


  • Standards-based S1-MME and S1-U Network Interfaces
  • An integrated Security Gateway (Se-GW) to secure the communication between the HeNB and the HeNB-GW using IPsec tunnels
  • Paging Optimization as a mechanism for filtering paging messages in order to avoid paging distribution to HeNB/CSG cells where the UE is not registered
  • NAS Node Selection Function (NNSF) to support S1-Flex or multiple S1-MME connections towards the EPC from any one HeNB
  • Selected IP Traffic Offload (SIPTO) to reduce traffic in network
  • Denial of Service (DoS) shield to protect the EPC (S-GW and MME) by detecting and filtering out the attack traffic while maintaining the QoS of useful traffic
  • Easy-to-integrate configuration and management solution with an SNMP interface and a browser-based GUI
  • Superior performance with rapid tunnel setup rates, exceptional throughput, and low memory footprint of 10 KB per HeNB
  • Support for signaling traffic for up to 64,000 Femto Access Points