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The Home eNodeB Gateway (HeNB-GW) Emulator is a standards-based, user-friendly, and low-cost alternative for the commercial HeNB-GW and is apt for use as a test and simulation tool in the lab. Licensed as software, the HeNB-GW Emulator can be used on COTS hardware platforms too.

Compared to a commercial HeNB-GW, the Polaris Networks HeNB-GW Emulator provides greater control to simulate field network conditions in the lab and can be used for testing functionality, scalability, and performance of LTE base stations.

The HeNB-GW Emulator supports the S1-MME and S1-U interfaces towards the Home eNodeB and the EPC. The 3GPP-defined functions for the HeNB-GW, including traffic aggregation from multiple HeNBs, are supported too. When used along with the Polaris Networks EPC Emulators, or any other EPC, it can test the basic procedures, such as Attach, Detach, Idle, Service Request, and Paging for a large number of HeNBs and UEs. The HeNB-GW Emulator is particularly useful for testing Handovers and Multi Operator-RAN sharing scenarios.


  • Supports large number of LTE Femtocells and UEs
  • Simulates multiple HeNB-GW nodes
  • Tests failure scenarios
  • Has User-friendly GUI
  • Has scripting interface for test automation