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Employee Benefits

DDT offers a host of monetary and non-monetary benefits to its employees in addition to their wages.

Medical Benefits:

Group Mediclaim Coverage for employees and their dependent children and parents.

Paid Leave:

  • Casual/Sick Leave- Full Time Employees get 20 paid leave per calendar year. Leaves can be accumulated.
  • Maternity Leave- Female employees are entitled for12 weeks of maternity leave.(Subject to provisions under Maternity Benefit Act )
  • Marriage leave- 5 days of paid special leave is given to employees on the occasion of their marriage.


DDT observes 10 paid public or festival holidays every year. This includes two days of floating holidays.

Interest Free Loan:

Employees can avail interest free loan from the company for various purposes such as housing purchase, automobile purchase, family emergency etc.

Stock option holders can take interest free loan using their stock options for any personal reason.

Company Stock Options and Quarterly Bonus:

Most employees own company stock options. Quarterly bonus is paid to option holders. Options are issued on performance basis.

Employee Referral Bonus Program:

Employees can refer suitable candidates to the HR for positions opening and earn referral fees.

Employees Provident Fund and Gratuity Program:

Employees can opt for Provident Fund Benefits. (Under the provision of Employees' Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Act, 1952)

Employees who work for DDT for a period of more than five years are eligible for gratuity payouts upon separation (Under the provision of Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972)

Advanced Study Program:

Company encourages all employees to enroll for advanced studies in public colleges and universities. Company pays tuition fees on successful completion of the studies.

Other Benefits:

Snacks and refreshment foods are available for all employees in the office cafeteria throughout the day.

Annual health check-up is encouraged. Company pays for the annual check-up.

New Employees receive welcome gifts.