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Polaris Networks was started in 2003 by a group of former Agilent Technologies employees, with a focus on Networking Protocol Software, particularly Wireless Protocol Test Tools. Since then, Polaris Networks has developed a wide range of test tools and communication gateways that are actively used by Network Equipment Manufacturers, Service Providers and Test Labs across the world. As a member of several industry organizations in the communications arena, Polaris has gained a reputation for promoting the adoption of new technologies such as WiFi, WiMAX, RFID and LTE right from the draft specification to deployment.

Polaris is based in California, and sources R&D services from a dedicated service provider in Kolkata, India. This allows Polaris to make full use of the high-quality and cost-effective engineering resources available in India. The development center currently has over 100 employees in two offices owned by the company, which jointly cover over 12,000 square feet of office space, in addition to 5,000 square feet of leased office space.

    Polaris Networks currently provides software and services in two areas:
  • Test and Measurement for Wireless Technologies
  • Packet-core for Cellular Technologies - 4G and 5G