AIS Tester

AIS Tester for PLM

The AIS Tester is a part of the family of Conformance Test Suites from Polaris Networks, based on SA-Forum specifications. This automated tester is designed for telecom middleware vendors, equipment manufacturers and system integrators, to test for compliance to SA Forum's standards for High Availability middleware and also for QA and regression testing.

The current version of the AIS Tester, tests the PLM service implementations, in Telecom Middleware solutions that are developed in conformance to SA Forum specifications. Tests for other AIS services will be available in future releases of the tester.

The Platform Management Service (PLM) is a part of the Application Interface Specification (AIS) by the Service Availability Forum for High Availability (HA) middleware. The Platform Management Service merges the software world of AIS and the hardware world of HPI (Hardware Platform Interface) to provide a homogeneous system view for monitoring and controlling highly available systems. It plugs the system view presented by the HPI into the information model used by AIS.

The Polaris AIS Tester for PLM, tests conformance of PLM service to SA-Forum PLM specification SAI-AIS-PLM-A.01.01. The Tester emulates an HPI implementation and a PLM user to control both the upper and lower interfaces of the PLM Service under test. The PLM tests make use of the NTF (Notification) services and IMM (Information Model Management) services.

This tester can reduce development and testing time significantly for AIS middleware developers and test engineers as they can test PLM implementation during the development, quality assurance or system regression phase of the product life cycle.


  • This automated tester reduces the time spent on testing considerably, thereby helping telecom vendors achieve a faster time to market for their middleware solutions.
  • Allows the user to browse and select Test Cases for automated execution.
  • Users can view detailed test results with a complete decode of API function calls.
  • Users can modify the test scripts and create their own test cases.
  • Testing can be done, without a real hardware.
  • The tester can be used for QA & Regression testing apart from conformance testing.


  • Intuitive Windows based GUI.
  • Test Results displayed in a tabular format using Message Sequence Charts.
  • Detailed Test Reports in HTML format.
  • More than 70 test cases covering all 13 PLM functions and all PLM functionalities.
  • The test cases cover the following PLM functions and features:
    • Mapping between HPI and PLM entities.
    • Entity dependencies.
    • HE and EE presence, Administrative, Operational and Readiness states.
    • Isolation and Restoration of faulty entities.
    • Readiness status tracking.
    • Entity group management.
    • Notification.
  • Test scripts written in TCL scripting language and delivered in complete source code form.
  • Includes both HPI and Hardware emulator that permits testing without the need of real HPI-compatible hardware like ATCA. Tests the PLM service implemented as a library on Linux and Unix System.
AIS Tester User Interface