LBS Tester

The Location Based Services Tester (LBS Tester) provides an end-to-end test bed for Mobile Network Operators and Network Equipment Manufacturers, to verify the accurate implementation of the location services network.

The LBS Tester tests that the Location Server (System Under Test) is correctly executing the positioning procedures over the control plane and/or user plane of that network. To test normal signaling, or failure scenarios, over the LTE User Plane as the number of SETs (SUPL Enabled Terminals) simulated by the LBS Tester increases, the Location Server must execute LPP (Location Positioning Protocol) procedures over SUPL (Secure User Plane Protocol) with success, or without, respectively. Again, to test the same for the LTE Control Plane requires the Location Server to execute LPP procedures over LCS-AP protocol.

  • Simulates a large number of SETs and UEs to generate heavy load on the Location Server
  • Tests all types of positioning methods, such as AGPS, OTDOA and ECID
  • Supports roaming SUPL procedures
  • Supports SUPL procedures in Proxy and Non-Proxy mode
  • Allows tests over the Control Plane and the User Plane from a single test system
  • Saves test logs and snapshots of different metrics automatically
  • Simulates both normal signal scenarios as well as abnormal ones, or failure scenarios
  • Provides a scripting interface for integration with existing test automation framework