SIGWAY (Smart IoT Edge Gateway)  

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With tens of billions of connected IoT devices sending and receiving data together soon to be a reality, the conventional cloud-only infrastructure will surely not be capable of coping with the explosion of data and latency demands that need to be managed. SIGWAY solves the problem with a scalable, programmable Edge / Fog Computing platform. The SIGWAY sits at the edge of an
in-premises/enterprise network and connects IoT devices with a cloud-based application in a secure, seamless way. SIGWAY is designed for IoT solution providers and application integrators who are looking to mitigate security vulnerabilities of the constrained devices and migrate part of the business logic and analytics from the cloud to a platform in the proximity of the IoT devices.

The SIGWAY can operate autonomously, scale horizontally, store and forward measurements to upstream cloud servers, and, also provides built-in security for cyber-attacks thereby insulating devices from being exposed to the Internet. For the solution provider, it provides library APIs to build and run in-edge applications.

Key Features  

  • Device and Application Neutral
    • The platform can connect devices using radio technologies like Wi-Fi or BLE, and application protocols like MQTT, CoAP or HTTP
  • Security
    • Protects vulnerable, constrained devices from getting exposed to the Internet
    • Prevents enterprise assets from being infected by a compromised / malfunctioning device
    • Creates a behavioral model of the devices to determine and pre-empt suspicious activity
    • Provides access control and device administration
  • Scaling
    • Scales horizontally to extend geographical coverage and serve a larger group of devices
  • Computing
    • Provides platform API for running application/business logic at the edge
  • Cloud Ready
    • Offers hassle-free integration with commercial IoT cloud solutions like AWS IoT Core
  • Data Management
    • Securely stores measurements at the edge
    • Uses in-flight encryption
    • Is able to filter measurements before their upstream delivery
    • Can receive commands from the cloud server for actuator devices
  • Management
    • Provides well-defined RESTful API interface for configuring and managing the platform, and the IoT devices
    • Makes available a light-weight, web-based GUI