Other eNodeB Test Tools

C-SGN Emulator

The Polaris Networks C-SGN (CIoT Serving Gateway Node) Emulator extends the test coverage of the NetTest suite into the Internet of Things space that can be used to test the 3GPP Release 13 CIoT (Cellular Internet of Things) features.

The C-SGN Emulator combines the MME, SGW, and PGW functions, simulating the optimized EPC network required for CIoT. As part of the NetTest suite, the C-SGN Emulator creates an end-to-end lab environment for testing functions and features that characterize enhanced Machine Type Communication (eMTC) and Narrow Band Internet of Things (NB-IoT) implementations. In order to reduce complexity in the setup of a test environment, it also supports simulation of SMS Central Function (SMS-SC) and the Service Capability Exposure Functions (SCEF).

This solution can be used by chip manufacturers for devices and base stations, network equipment manufacturers, research and test establishments, protocol stack vendors, base station vendors, as well as IoT device vendors for testing their IoT optimized implementations.

  • Control Plane optimization for small data transfer over NAS
  • User Plane optimization for small data transfer with RAN context caching
  • Non-IP data transmission via SGi tunneling and/or SCEF
  • UE Attach without PDN connectivity
  • SMS without combined attach of NB-IoT UEs
  • RoHC header compression of IP user data
  • Security procedures, ciphering, and integrity checking for user data